Once, twice, three times, let’s PURGE!

Once, twice, three times, let’s PURGE!

Once, twice, three times, let’s  PURGE!

My husband Steve and I have moved many times over the past seven years. From the house our kids were raised in New England, we relocated to a townhouse in Florida, then into our current high rise condo in Denver. This, with apartments in-between while searching and purchasing real estate.

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Spring Organizing Made Easy

Spring Organizing Made Easy
    Choose one room at a time.  Prioritize what area is the most important or require attention first.  “Without clarity of a plan or a goal, there is a tendency to be overwhelmed with the task of organizing,”

    In order to organize you need space and that usually requires reducing, or "purging" what you already have.  But it need not be a negative process!  Set up bins so that sorting is easy, or hire Org & Relo where we can walk you through the process and dispose of items you no longer need. 

    You may want to start with small spaces first and build confidence.  Try and keep yourself from being distracted and emotional about the task ahead.  Org & Relo offers services that can help you ease the burden and stress of any space large or small.

It is important to use the correct box based on weight and size of the item.

  • Small book boxes – ideal for books, small heavy items, pantry.

  • Medium boxes – ideal for folded clothes, shoes, kitchen items that are not dishes.

  • Large boxes – ideal for bedding, large bulky items that are not too heavy.

Are you planning a move this year? Contact us today to get on our schedule! The best moving companies book out 2-3 months in advance, don't wait until 2 weeks before!

Written by: Corinne O’Doherty

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