Organization & Relocation was founded by Sheryl Hadley in January 2005 after going to help a friend pack his home. Instead of packing even one box, they picked up trash and put away shoes to clear the space in order to be able to pack. Sheryl thought, “there must be a business in this.” Sheryl called a friend who does naming and branding and the result (over a glass of wine) was Organization & Relocation. Sheryl then called another friend who is a graphic designer and the logo was created. She got some business card, flapped her “big, fat mouth”, and got her first client within 3 weeks.

Organization & Relocation is a team of professional “problem solvers”. Every organizer on our team is hand-picked and background checked. Confidentiality is key, we treat every client with the utmost respect and care.





First and foremost, Sheryl is a people person. She has always had a knack for connecting with, educating and inspiring those around her. That combined with her incredible attention to detail have made her a true leader in the organizing industry. Sheryl founded Organization & Relocation after a successful career in high-end furniture sales where she worked primarily with architects and interior designers.

The daughter of an architect, Sheryl feels beauty and efficiency are essential complements to each other — “If it doesn’t look good, it’s not going to function well!” Sheryl’s favorite space to organize is the kitchen — “Don’t put me in the closet, I am a terrible folder” she says!

When she’s not organizing, Sheryl loves to ski, hike, Stand Up Paddle (aka Pilates on the water!), practice Pilates (on terra firma), host badminton tournaments in her backyard, and commune with friends and animal friends, especially her resident feline, Mr. Cat! Sheryl is also a chocolate fanatic, she loves creating new chocolate barks (the darker the better), and discovering new chocolate brands around town! You can always count on her to have a sweet chocolatey treat on hand and trust us when we say, “they are DELICIOUS”! We are always telling her that she needs to make a business out of it, but for now organizing is a full time job and passion!

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Jennifer was born and raised in Michigan. As a kid, she was constantly rearranging her bedroom to create a space that made her feel good.  As the years went on, she discovered she had a knack for creating systems of organization. Jennifer has a BA in Dance and a BBA in Management from Western Michigan University. There has been a common thread of using these skills that she acquired from school in each position she’s held whether she was teaching Pilates or working as a supervisor at a large bank. In 2010, after being laid off from an architectural firm, she was looking for a job that would utilize her skills, have some deeper meaning in her life, and lucky for us, that search led her straight to Org & Relo. She’s been an indispensable member of our team ever since! 

Jennifer’s current role as Director of Operations, includes creating standards and processes, hiring new organizers, and training and supporting all the employees.  She also manages projects across the country and her favorite area to organize is a linen closet.  It is magical to watch how perfectly she folds a fitted sheet! Jennifer has an incredible ability to assess any situation that may be overwhelming and paralyzing for others and find a place to start moving forward.

When she’s not organizing, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband Dax, camping, hiking, and playing cards with the family. Her guilty pleasure is listening to show tunes. It takes her back to her days performing in the theater and is a great release when she’s stressed. If you’re lucky, she may just show you her moves! Jennifer is a self-proclaimed introvert. Many people take that as being shy, but that is not the case, she just processes things internally. If you’ve ever met Jennifer, you know she is one of the most calm (even in the midst of the most stressful moves), caring and loyal people you’ll ever meet! 




John has been a Project Manager at Org & Relo for over a decade now. He manages all of our West Coast projects. John is also Sheryl’s brother, organizing must be a genetic trait.

An ornamental horticulturist by trade, John’s favorite space to organize is an unorganized garage! His attention to detail and Superman strength make him the perfect match for any garage. He also makes the most amazing olive oil and even won the gold award from the California Olive Oil Council!

John is friendly, sarcastic, engaging, and productive. When he’s not organizing, John loves to garden, is an amazing surfer and an equally talented chef (he makes a mean pork shoulder)! His athleticism and passion for the water has propelled him into multiple wins on the Stand Up Paddle circuit in 2018. His only pet peeve is when people use their cell phones during meal times. “It kills the conversation”, he says. One thing that people always say about John is that he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!




JD, originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, discovered her passion for organizing while working at The Container Store. One day, she saw Sheryl shopping for organizing supplies and was curious as to what she was up too. Then she cornered her in the parking lot and a couple weeks later she joined the Org & Relo team! With a marketing, communications and promotions background, along with two years at the Container Store, it was a perfect fit for her new career as a Project Manager at Org & Relo.

Now, JD oversees Org & Relo teams before, during and after each project. She takes care of all of our client's needs while organizing and/or relocating. Her role is not only physical but emotional too. As she says, “We free up our clients from stuff and potential burdens for the better and good of space and mind”. JD is also a closet guru - she loves organizing, designing, and detailing master closets.

When she’s not organizing, JD loves spending time with her family and friends. She also loves hiking, golfing, reading and binge watching Netflix series. Her biggest pet peeve is when people are late on a consistent basis – she’s one of those people who is always 5 minutes early! But don’t let that scare you, JD is funny, devoted, and most of all kind hearted! Plus, she makes the best cheesecake around and has the most amazing head of hair!!




Leslie was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. When she was in elementary school one of her favorite things to do was to say goodnight to her parents and then proceed to completely rearrange and organize her room in the middle of the night. She loved the feeling of waking up to a whole new space free of clutter. She later went on to work as a nanny and landscaper where she acquired skills that directly translate to organizing: efficiently completing a task, keeping her workspace orderly, and remaining calm in the face of chaos.

In 2010, Leslie joined the Organization & Relocation team as a Project Manager and the rest is history! Leslie’s favorite spaces to organize are kitchens and craft rooms. Leslie is kind, thoughtful, reliable and will make you laugh in any situation! But don't use personal pronouns improperly, it's her pet peeve!

When she’s not organizing, Leslie can be found curled up on the couch, eating a croissant, enjoying a glass of wine too and watching a historical documentary. She is a total history buff – she can tell you all you need to know about the reign of King Henry the eighth. She also loves to travel with her husband and 3 grown children, especially to The Bahamas.




Mr. Cat is a complete nut job! You say you don’t like cats? Well Mister will change that, we call him the “cat-converter”. He is always the greeting committee and if you don’t respond he will follow you around meowing. He knows he’s handsome and is always posing. He is an excellent organizing assistant - always attentive and never leaves your side! Mister’s favorite part of organizing is the sorting process. It doesn’t matter how big the project is, he is always ready to jump in and get his paws dirty.

When he’s not organizing, Mister enjoys cat naps, sun bathing, visiting neighbors (if you don’t close your doors he may sneak a soak in your tub) and singing (meowing). He is also a food connoisseur and an amateur actor - you should see him pretending he has never ever been fed in his life. He is a party animal, has serious FOMO, loves music, and dreams to star on Dancing with the Animals. His coworkers describe him as affable and attentive with minimal cattitude.


Our mission is to help our clients increase productivity and recognize that an organized physical space leads to a more focused and enjoyable lifestyle. Org & Relo empowers our clients to make changes that will benefit the rest of their (and their family's) lives. We teach our clients how to live a more organized life. We lead by example. Just because your life is busy doesn't mean you can’t be organized and productive.