Once, twice, three times, let’s PURGE!


My husband Steve and I have moved many times over the past seven years.

From the house our kids were raised in New England, we relocated to a townhouse in Florida, then into our current high rise condo in Denver. This, with apartments in-between while searching and purchasing real estate. 

Folks, let me tell you we have given away and purged a ton with each and every move. Phew!

It went something like this with each move…

  • Six months out we did a normal get rid of stuff purge, things that we obviously didn’t want or need anymore.

  • Two months before our move, another go at it, wondering, Does this have any real intrinsic  value to me?

  • Finally, two weeks before the move, questions were even more profound; 

    • Am I chained  to this stuff? 

    • Is this cluttering my mind and freedom? 

    • Are we captives to our possessions? 

Items I thought were of value six months ago had much less meaning two weeks before our move!

The point is, give yourself three if not more purge phases to really get it done. Once is not enough. I’m so happy to report we have all our precious and WANTED possessions living with us in a total of  1,014 square feet ; no more storage units, wasted space and deep dark places full of boxes with who knows what. 

As the Eagles song goes:

And I’m already gone And I’m feeling strong

I Will sing this victory song

Woo hoo hoo

 Written by: JD Farley, Project Manager