Organization & Relocation (Org & Relo) is a luxury professional organizing and relocation concierge company. We provide home and business organization. Our team of professionals approach each project with the client’s needs first and foremost. 

 No one can do it all.  That’s why we are here to help. 

Org & Relo helps you navigate the stressful situation of letting go and moving forward. When problems arise, we bring you a solution and don’t burden you with the details. 

 Do you have a complicated project?  We can handle it. 

We provide efficient and creative solutions for any situation. Our start-to-finish process includes branded, customized solutions.

Org & Relo handles all the details. Our belief is that we are here to help, not to judge. This is accomplished by being swift and efficient in what we do. We maintain an ironclad reputation for confidentiality.

Let’s do it right the first time! 



Org & Relo begins with a walk-through of your home or office where we discover what your pain points are: what drives you to distraction, what confounds you, and what fills you with dread. As you verbalize your concerns and goals about your space, we assemble a roadmap for what solutions work best for your particular situation. We help you imagine what your space and life could be like. Then, we assemble our team of professionals scaled to the scope of your project.


We assess the problem and spring into action. We work closely with you to implement simple, creative organizational systems that fit into your lifestyle with ease. These systems provide immediate results and are easy to maintain once the project is completed.

Our organization process involves sorting, categorizing, deciding what to keep/donate/ trash/consign, organizing, and implementing systems tailored to your lifestyle.

Our relocation process involves a Pre-Move Prep, logistics coordination, packing, recommending movers, oversee movers loading/unloading the moving trucks, unpacking, organizing, and implementing systems tailored to your lifestyle.

The end result is truly turning your house into a home.


Once an Org & Relo client, always an Org & Relo client!

For you, we are in it for the long haul. We work with you to provide the guidance and toolset to maintain your home going forward. And, if you need a refresher course, we’ll be back there with you every step of the way. By preventing recurring issues, we allow you to focus on what's really important: enjoying your life.

We make organizing and relocation an art form rather than a source of exasperation.



Even the most capable, organized people need help organizing their home or business. Our trained, professional organizers are here to help. We provide a modern approach to traditional organizing, one that seamlessly blends our aesthetics with your needs. The end result is to visually and functionally transform your living or work space. We offer a truly modern lifestyle service.


We provide an expert relocation concierge service that handles every last detail. We have perfected the art of transitioning clients from one beautiful home to the next. Are you hoping to implement a home organizing solution that finally works? We can help with that too! 


We are “professional problem solvers”. Every organizer on our team is hand-picked and background checked. Confidentiality is key, we treat every client with the utmost respect and care.