Org & Relo offers a complete home setup solution. We sort. We purge. We organize and containerize. If something doesn't have a place, we create one. We prioritize items that are needed regularly, so you shop in your own home first. We even organize your heirlooms.

“There is no rule that says just because Aunt Gert gave it to you, you have to keep it. We all have an Aunt Gert. And we are here to help.”

Even the most particular clients need relief. Org & Relo thrives in these situations and loves the challenge. We guide you through the process to make the best decision possible while keeping your priorities as the top priority. You see things from a new perspective when someone else helps you sort your belongings. Every project receives the highest attention to detail.

Org & Relo creates simple, creative systems and gives you a roadmap for success by providing a toolset that allows you to maintain organization going forward. We help you imagine what your space and life could be. Our goal is to help you prevent recurring issues and gain control over your space, so you can focus on what's really important: enjoying your life.



Schedule a Consultation & Assemble the Team

A team of Professional Organizers scaled to the scope of your project.



Sort & Categorize

We clear the space completely, sort, and categorize.



Purge & Eliminate

We guide your decision-making process of what items should be kept, donated, consigned, or trashed. Do you use it? Do you love it? Do you appreciate it? Those are three different things. If no, then get rid of it.



Organize & Implement

We create systems of organization that are unique to your needs and easy to maintain.



The Result

Decreased stress, overwhelm, and clutter. Increased clarity, focus, free time, productivity, and time management. We’re in it for the long haul.



Our Home Organization services include:

  • Organizing kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, playrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, offices, garages, and basements, and any other space you can think of.

  • Clean out and organization of closets and arrangement of wardrobe seasonally

Additional Home Organization services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arrange for charitable donations

  • Consign appropriate clothing/furniture

  • Space planning

  • Closet planning

  • Home office set-up

  • File management systems

  • Storage units

  • Design consultation

  • Feng Shui consultation


Is your company looking to take its productivity to the next level? We’re here to help!

Is your company looking to maximize its time and efficiency and to increase revenue? We’re here to help!

By setting up simple, creative systems, we enable your workers and employees to increase productivity which increases revenue. Our Business Organization services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Create organizational systems

  • Digitize files

  • Create productive workstations

  • Consolidate and organize supply rooms

  • Set up executive offices

  • Set up an efficient kitchen/break room

  • Clear out and organize storage areas

  • Arrange for disposal/consignment of unused items

  • Obtain supplies, equipment, accessories as needed

  • Space planning

  • Design consultation

  • Feng Shui consultation


Life gets busy and the simple tasks consume a lot of your valuable time. Organization & Relocation provides help for a variety of life management tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Receiving mail and deliveries

  • Coordinating home repairs/deliveries

  • Providing reliable resources

As your Home Management Concierge, we help you enjoy your life and be productive at the same time. In addition, we also offer personal shopping services.

Org & Relo is your singular point of contact for every step of the process and we are always available. Our role is to curate the finer details of your life. We problem solve even the most personal tasks.

When you work with us, you enter into a trusted, valued partnership.