Make Storage Peace not War!

Make Storage Peace not War!

When your house in going on the market, your realtor will encourage you to cleanup, clear out and create less distractions for potential buyers. New owners want to imagine their belongings in a space, not yours.

At Organization & Relocation, we have the perfect system to get your house market ready.  What to do with the stuff you want to keep, but need out of the house for showings?

In a word, storage units. After Org & Relo helps you sort, categorize and decide what to keep, donate or trash, we pack every box personalized and tailored to you. 

Every household member has their box color coded and label clearly, making it easy to see whose box is whose in the storage unit.

 Plus, when your house sells, you and your family are already partially packed and ready to move on!

Call us today, let's get your house ready for sale in the best way possible!



Written by: JD Farley, Project Manager

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The M Word

The M Word

Realtor √ Movers √ Move Coordinator…what is that?

It is no secret that moving (aka The M Word) is a stressful process.  Whether you are moving 2 blocks or hundreds of miles, the same steps need to be done to get your family and all your belongings from Point A to Point B.  For many, just the thought of everything that needs to be done keeps them from even entertaining the thought of moving.  Is this you?  There are many obstacles to prevent you from making that decision but worrying about how to orchestrate a move in addition to you everyday life responsibilities does not need to be one.  There is help!

When I share with someone what I do for a living the number one response I get is “I didn’t even know that service exists!”  Well, it does. 

5 Reasons to Hire Org & Relo to help with your move

1. You are already operating at peak capacity. We deal with the movers, packing, unpacking, organizing and so much more.  You could even go on vacation during the move!

2. You have no idea where to start.  We do!

3. You are physically unable to oversee movers all day, pack, and unpack.  It would take you years to get unpacked and settled.  We have a team of experienced organizers to make your house a home in a matter of days!

4. You love to decorate and personalize your home.  You still can!  We do the “not so fun” tasks making it easy for you to add the final touches as you settle in to your new home.

5. You are a business moving.  Yes, we do business moves or all sizes!  Why burden your employees (or in many cases one employee) with everything that needs to happen to move an office to a new location? Hiring Org&Relo allows you to continue doing business and move with minimal interruption knowing you still have the control. 

Don’t be afraid to shout the “M” word.  Org & Relo has your back.  Who knows… you may end up loving to move.


Written by: Jennifer Gowler, Director of Operations

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