Bands, Boxes and Belts, Hooray!

 Bands, Boxes and Belts, Hooray!

Simple is good, simple works, check this out!

Take a look at this picture, that's my cat Lily, she had to be in the shot, LOL.

Do you love belts as much as I do?  All sizes, colors, widths and design but how to store them with ease? If they hang in the closet it takes up valuable space and it's difficult to grab one quickly.

Here is your solution!

Use rubber bands on each belt to keep tightly stored in a pretty container for your drawer. I open my drawer and they are beautifully displayed. I use more of my belts now because I see what I own! Don't forget to trash or donate the ones you really never use, free up space for the ones you do.

Written by: JD Farley, Project Manager

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