The Secret Life of Your Appliances


We all have them.  Those cool appliances that will “change our lives”.  Some of them are handy and get used.  I love throwing a few ingredients in the Crock Pot and then coming home to a delicious smelling meal ready to eat.  And the family loves it too!  And that blender gets used daily to whip up a yummy protein smoothie.   

Then there are those appliances that are hiding in the bottom corner of the panty…did you even know you owned a baby food maker?  Or that fancy Spiralizer? Remember that late night QVC purchase that was a good idea at the time but never came out of the box?

Pantry and kitchen cabinets quickly become cramped and disorganized.  Are you experiencing that?  Those small appliances take up so much real estate. 

Here is my challenge to you.On the next rainy day, pull out every single appliance you own (and all the parts and pieces) and evaluate what you use and what can go away.And if you are feeling up to it, go ahead and whip out a loaf of bread for old times sake, sending that bread maker out with a memory.

Written by: Jennifer Gowler, Director of Operations