Mitigating Mud Season


As Spring is bursting forth it’s glorious show of blooms, blossoms, and greenery, another factor that comes with it, is mud. In climates where Spring has fits and starts with sunshine one day and snow the next, there is a profusion of mud.  This can be especially trying if you are a dog owner and enjoy hiking or walking with them.  One of the ways I combat bringing Spring’s glory inside is to designate a pair of shoes that are strictly for muddy walks only.  I keep them outside my mud room door and once the mud dries, I clap them together to get the big chunks off.  

In order to clean my dogs I keep a stack of “dog towels” handy by the back door.  My small dog goes directly in my mud room sink for a quick paw and belly wash with a rub down using a dry, clean towel.  My big dog gets the similar cleaning, but I use a small bucket filled part way with warm water that I place on a towel, but I place it toward the bottom of the towel. This is so that after I have dipped his front paws in the bucket they can drip dry on the front of the towel while I attend to the back legs.  I also have on the ready a damp smaller towel or rag to do a quick wipe down of his belly and upper legs.  Lastly, another dry towel is used to finish off the job.  I find that this is an easy and efficient way to keep the muddy paws in check.  The key to this process is preparing the bucket and towels before departing for your walk or hike.  

Keeping all entryways to the house swept and free of mud and dirt is also a good way to keep it from coming inside.  If it is especially messy outside, I will place a dog towel inside the door for people to place their muddy shoes on.  

Spring is a wonderful time of year, but it is also a little messy!


Written by: Leslie Dietrich, Project Manager