Organizing Myth Busters



"I need organizing products in order to start organizing"

Not true.  Once you have sorted and eliminated what you no longer need or use often you can utilize what you already have.  When you do purchase organizing solutions, you will not overbuy! 


"My space after organizing doesn't look like pictures I've seen."

Yes, we want our home and workspaces to look appealing, but ultimately the purpose of organizing is so that we can function efficiently. Taking your time an accepting that the end result may not look like a designer magazine is ok!


"The simple act of decluttering with make you happy"

There's a lot of talk about the emotional benefits or organizing, but if it doesn't function for your lifestyle it's not going to alleviate long term stress.  Explore products and storage solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Written by: Corinne O’Doherty, Project Manager