“I Don’t Want Anyone to Know…”


Over the past 7+ years of working with Organization & Relocation, I have seen and heard it all.  Recently I was looking at the calendar with a client to schedule an organizing day and she said “My friend arrives on Friday and I don’t want her to know I get help organizing.”  This is not the first time I have heard a similar statement.  I get it.  It is hard to admit we need help. 

We are trained to be the superhero and do it all.  High expectations are placed on us from our family, bosses, friends, strangers and mostly ourselves.  This is not necessarily a bad thing…we are often capable of more than we think.  Or we don’t put in the effort that we could if we really put our mind to it and make it a priority.

As much as I get this mentality, I also have witnessed the benefits of help.  The great news is even though we can probably do it all ourselves, we don’t have to!  Allowing the help, regardless if it is volunteered or you hired someone, is a very admirable quality.  It takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows you to focus on things that you enjoy doing.  And trust me, the “helper” gets as much benefit from it as you do.  Remember that rewarding feeling you had when you last helped someone? 

Bottom line:  Keep your expectation high and do your best but don’t beat yourself up or wear yourself out.  Getting help and allowing support is key to not getting overwhelmed.  Nothing to be ashamed of in that!

Written by: by Jennifer Gowler, Project Manager