Preparing For Fall


The first day of Fall is next week, which means it's time to rotate out our tank tops and flip-flops to make room for cozy sweaters and duster jackets. When going through a closet, Org & Relo pulls out, launders or dry cleans the dirty and stores the clean in its new location. The really satisfying part of a closet shuffle is you will feel like you have a fresh new wardrobe.

Tips for Success:

1. Store, Sort & Catgegorize - Before you begin the overhaul, make sure you determine where you will be storing your summer clothes. This will save time and frustration after you start. As with each project we begin, make piles for keep, discard, and donate. Now is the best time to get rid of unwanted clothes or clothes that do not fit because if you don't like them now, you probably won't next summer either!

2. Beautify Your Bathroom - Avoid exposure to germs and bacteria by giving your bathroom a deep scrub before the moisture builds up with the fast approaching Fall months. Contact Org & Relo to beautify your bathroom!

3. Furnace Inspection - Hire an HVAC professional to check heating efficiency, test for leaks and change the filter. Also, check for drafts by using a lighted candle around doors and windows and if you see a flicker, inspect for broken or cracked seals.

4. Organize the Shed - As summer items begin to fill up shed space, now is a good time to sort, purge and organize remaining items. Move summer items to the back and winter items to the front for easy access.

5. Set Your Kids Up For Success - The playroom is that space in the house where our kids play with their toys and usually turns the room into a war zone. Teach your kids the importance of organization early on in life.

Who's ready for apple picking and pumpkin spice lattes?