Relocation – Love It or Leave It?


If you have ever moved, chances are you have a good understanding of why they say moving is one of the most stressful life events.  Crazy enough – there are those people who love to move.  Are you a Love It or Leave It person when it comes to moving?

What to Love:

  • Fresh living space, and maybe better suited to your lifestyle

  • Opportunity to downsize and get rid of the belongings that are weighing you down

  • Opens up your life to new adventures

What to Leave:

  • Anxiety of changes and leaving your comfort zone

  • Worry of how everything will get done in time

  • Exhaustion from physically trying to get everything done yourself

  • Tension among all household members as they deal with the stress is different ways

  • Frustration of not being able to find items after the move

How can you learn to Love It?

  • Own less.  Not only will this benefit you financially for moving but you will reap the daily benefits of less stuff!

  • Make a list.  Having all the tasks listed in one place will ease your mind of worrying that something important will be forgotten until it is too late.

  • Hire help.  Organization & Relocation coordinates moves every week and has the process down to a science.  This not only give you the luxury of lifting a huge weight off your shoulders, but allows you to enjoy the daily lifestyle activities your family is used to with minimal interruption. 

If you haven’t guessed…we are definitely on the Love It side when it comes to moving.  What side are you on?

Written By: Jennifer Gowler, Org & Relo, Director of Operations