A Professional Organizer's Guide to Seamless Travel


A Professional Organizer's Guide to Seamless Travel

1. Get ahead of the game

Before your journey begins, research the conditions and requirements for your trip.  Start a checklist of basic needs so you don’t hurriedly over pack at the last minute.   If you travel frequently create a packing list that you can use as a template with a section for  “necessities” and a section for “trip-specific” items.  Another tip for jet-setters: keep a separate travel kit of flight compliant toiletries.  You’re wasting precious time in life if you’re packing toiletries each and every time you venture out.  

2. Pack light

It’s time to channel those capsule wardrobe lessons into your travel.  Clothing choices should be lightweight, versatile, climate appropriate and neutral in color.  Think ‘little black dress’ of travel.  The less stuff you struggle with carrying, the more you can maximize your experience!  Carrying a purse = rookie mistake.  Invest in a stylish hip slung carrier (yes, a fanny pack) to keep your documents close and credits cards protected and easy to access.  Find super cute packs here: https://tandl.me/2NW6cra

3. Use the airline app

I know you aren’t still printing your boarding passes.  Right?  

4. Send out your personal press release

Let your friends/family/caretakers know the details of your travel.  Schedule the pet and house sitting early, vacation departure dates always come faster than you think.  Alert your credit card companies that you’re traveling, automate your bills, and pause your memberships.  Again, if you travel frequently, this list of ‘travel to-do’s’ should be kept as a template in your computer to carry out swiftly with every trip you plan.  This should only take you minutes after you set up your process, and will save you countless hours. 

5. Now that you are so incredibly organized, you can truly detach and get the deep rejuvenation benefits that well-planned travel can offer.  Bon voyage! 

Written by: Amy Young, Project Coordinator