Prepping for Relocation


Hello, and welcome to the first Org & Relo blog entry!  Our company provides organization and relocation services to residences and businesses, helping increase overall efficiency and productivity. 

Here, you will find practical tips on organizing and relocating.  Be sure to check back for new info!

Summer season is officially in full swing, and for many families, it's moving time!  Whether relocating a few blocks or between states, moving is stressful and chaotic.  Such overwhelming feelings may lead you to think that the best packing strategy is to throw everything randomly into boxes and label it "miscellaneous stuff."  You'll deal with it later while unpacking, right?  

No!  This kind of scattered packing only leads to more work for you, your movers, and your organizers (aka. increased costs!).  Think of the energy and labor it'll take to unpack a box that contains electronics, a sock, dog toys, and expired cereal; where do those things even go??

The first step in prepping for your move is to start early - ideally a month or two before moving day.  Prior to packing, start by categorizing all belongings throughout the home and grouping like-items with like-items.  Then, assess what you own and determine what items are expired, old, unused, and in current use.  People are shocked when they see a group of, say, 5 fans, 16 iphone cords, 10 staplers, etc.  How did that happen?!  Any items that do not fall into a current use or memorabilia category can be thrown out, recycled, consigned, or donated.

Bottom line - don't waste time, energy, and money on packing and moving items that you don't like or don't use.  Nobody has to know that you don’t like, never use, and donate that ugly gravy boat so-and-so gifted to you at your wedding!