A Complete Guide to Holiday Organizing Products


1.  Wing-Lid Ornament Storage Box - (Click to Shop)
This clear Ornament Storage Box can easily store and protect up to 75 holiday ornaments. Plus, they're stackable and easy to identify!


2.  Clear Gift Wrap Box

Create a portable gift wrapping station using these clear storage containers. Each box can hold up to 28 rolls of wrapping paper. Add in some bows, ribbons, scissors, and tape and you'll be ready to take on the Holiday season! 

3.  Holiday Card Keeper

We all love receiving Holiday Cards but what do you do with them after the fact? We recommending picking 10-20 of your absolute favorite keepsakes and storing them in a mini filing system like this Holiday Card Keeper! 


4.  Wing-Lid Light Storage Boxes

Say goodbye to tangled lights! This Wing-Lid Light Storage Box comes equipped with four Light Cord Wraps that are suspended inside of the box so they hang neatly and tangle-free all year! 

Written by: Analiese Ross, AMR Digital Marketing Consulting