The Professional Organizers Guide to Clothing Consignment & Resale

The Professional Organizers Guide to  Clothing Consignment & Resale

Sometimes I will have a client that is purging clothing and some pieces are too nice to just donate. If the client is amenable to me handling the resale of these items there are a few things I consider before taking them to consignment.  The first is checking the items for any holes, snags, or stains. Then I consider the brand, most high end consignments won’t take mass produced brands.  They are looking for the luxury brands or unique one off brands.  Another thing I consider is season. Most consignments only take clothes seasonally. I like to create separate piles of fall/winter and spring/summer items to consign at the appropriate season. Another option is selling them through an app like Poshmark, but keep in mind this is a time consuming task that requires photographing each piece, posting it then you have to send it to buyer. It can make more money, but how much is it worth your time?  

I like to give my client all of these options and am always happy to accommodate their needs.


Written by: Leslie Dietrich, Project Manager

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Organizing Myth Busters

Organizing Myth Busters


"I need organizing products in order to start organizing"

Not true.  Once you have sorted and eliminated what you no longer need or use often you can utilize what you already have.  When you do purchase organizing solutions, you will not overbuy! 


"My space after organizing doesn't look like pictures I've seen."

Yes, we want our home and workspaces to look appealing, but ultimately the purpose of organizing is so that we can function efficiently. Taking your time an accepting that the end result may not look like a designer magazine is ok!


"The simple act of decluttering with make you happy"

There's a lot of talk about the emotional benefits or organizing, but if it doesn't function for your lifestyle it's not going to alleviate long term stress.  Explore products and storage solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Written by: Corinne O’Doherty, Project Manager

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All aboard! - or not?

All aboard! - or not?

Planning a move?  Chances are, someone in your household is not so eager as you are to make the change.  Who is dragging their feet?  Your spouse who just finally started to feel like your house was a home after months (or maybe years) of finding just the right furniture, art work, and paint color?  Your 7-year-old who has only lived in one place his/her whole life so far?  Your dog who knows the best places to bury their bone? Or is it you – dreading the idea of packing, packing, and more packing…then figuring out how to move items from point A to point B, then unpacking, unpacking, and more unpacking…and trying to still work at the same time!

We talk about it often.  Moving is one of the top stressful life events.  That said, there are those individuals who love to move.  They are invigorated by the changes and new opportunities that a relocation can offer.  Maybe that I you.  If the move involves more than a one person household, likely someone is not on board 100%. 

Here are a few tips to dealing with moving when everyone is NOT “All aboard”.

  • Talk about it and make the decision to move together.  Listen to each other’s positives about moving and also their concerns.  They may be different, they may still not want to move, and that is ok.  Just acknowledging each others feelings is huge.

  • Involve them in the process of making the house a home.  Let them choose the paint color for their room, pick out a new rug, or write a special message on the floor before the new carpet is installed.

  • If possible, visit the house together as a family before the move happens.  Maybe have a picnic in the dining room or take sleeping bags and have a sleepover before all the “stuff” arrives.  This is a good reminder that memories are created by being surrounded by our loved ones and not material things. 

  • Explore the community together by eating at a local restaurant, checking out the local shops, join the neighborhood page to get suggestions of local events. 

  • Be patient.  Change is hard, even when it is for the best. 

Written by: Jennifer Gowler, Project Manager

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“I Don’t Want Anyone to Know…”

“I Don’t Want Anyone to Know…”

Over the past 7+ years of working with Organization & Relocation, I have seen and heard it all.  Recently I was looking at the calendar with a client to schedule an organizing day and she said “My friend arrives on Friday and I don’t want her to know I get help organizing.”  This is not the first time I have heard a similar statement.  I get it.  It is hard to admit we need help. 

We are trained to be the superhero and do it all.  High expectations are placed on us from our family, bosses, friends, strangers and mostly ourselves.  This is not necessarily a bad thing…we are often capable of more than we think.  Or we don’t put in the effort that we could if we really put our mind to it and make it a priority.

As much as I get this mentality, I also have witnessed the benefits of help.  The great news is even though we can probably do it all ourselves, we don’t have to!  Allowing the help, regardless if it is volunteered or you hired someone, is a very admirable quality.  It takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows you to focus on things that you enjoy doing.  And trust me, the “helper” gets as much benefit from it as you do.  Remember that rewarding feeling you had when you last helped someone? 

Bottom line:  Keep your expectation high and do your best but don’t beat yourself up or wear yourself out.  Getting help and allowing support is key to not getting overwhelmed.  Nothing to be ashamed of in that!

Written by: by Jennifer Gowler, Project Manager

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Org & Relo to the Relocation Rescue! 

Org & Relo to the Relocation Rescue! 

Many of our amazing clients have children far and wide with almost impossible schedules to gather for the sake of a parent relocation. Do you have an aging parent living in a massive house filled to the brim? Drop the stress, drop the guilt, let Org & Relo help you and your family.

Let me talk about our fantastic client Brian, (not his real name to protect his privacy), who needed help transitioning out of a 7,500 square foot home to a 2,500 moderate one. First, his children, all long distance in various continents, via email, skype, pictures, etc. were able to collect the important and meaningful inherited items each and secured in hand.

Now, what about the THOUSANDS of other times in the garage, the attic, the basement, the numerous closets that needed help with sorting, purging and containerizing? THAT'S WHAT ORG & RELO IS COMMITTED TO! Org & Relo created a system to help Brian dig out, move out and settle in. By the time Brian's relocation was complete, he and his children treated us like family and everyone's spirits were lifted. THEY did not feel guilty knowing their Dad was just fine, surrounded by a great team of pros and secured in his new home.

 Do you need help with a loved one's relocation? Let Organization & Relocation take care of all the details, it's what we do.

Written by: JD Farley, Project Manager

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New Years Resolution Check In!

New Years Resolution Check In!

It’s the resolution that’s as old as time - to lose weight in the new year.  Right?  So many of us, so many times, find ourselves on January 1st (or any other date, for that matter) resolving to take the weight off for good this time!  But why is it that we keep ending up at the starting point over and over again?  Does your workout fall to the wayside at the end of a busy day?  Does it feel exhausting to find the time shop, prep and cook all of your healthy meals so you start to slip back into convenience and comfort foods?  If you quickly lose steam on your weight loss plan due to these types of obstacles, maybe it’s time to change your approach, not your diet.  Here are 4 simple steps to make your health and fitness goals a reality. 


            1.         Hard schedule your workouts

You show up to work at a specific time each day, right?  If you came in for half days or just didn’t show up for weeks at all, that wouldn’t bode well for your career.  Well, if you don’t show up for your health you’re going to lose it, just like a job.  Create a schedule that you can maintain for the workouts of your choice, and go for perfect attendance.  Choose your workout time wisely, like early mornings for example, where no other appointment, errand or task could get in the way.  For maximum results, try to workout at the same time each day to solidify the habit. 


            2.         Prep your meals 

This is a biggie and worth repeating.  Prep your food each and every week.  Choose one day to grocery shop, prep and cook your meals for the week.  Not only is this one of the most sure-fire ways to maintain a consistently healthy diet, but it is going to save you time (not to mention money) in the long run.  Cook in batches, portion out your meals, freeze the excess. 


            3.         Log your food

Now, I’m no diet guru, so I won’t be advocating for any certain diet or exercise methods.  However, the one common thread that most diets have is to highlight the importance of keeping a food journal and logging your meals on a daily basis.  One of my favorite tools for logging food is the calorie counting app, Lose It!  We all know there’s a lot more to nutrition than just logging calories, but from the standpoint of accountability and tracking, this app is the best.  You can log meals, snacks and exercise.   One of my favorite features is a scanning option that loads the nutrition information instantly from a photo of the bar code.  Brilliant!  Plus, it’s free!


            4.         Develop a bedtime routine

There are multiple reasons why sleep deprivation will destroy your weight loss efforts.  Research shows that people who stay up late consume more calories than those who go to sleep at a reasonable and predictable hour each night. Sleep deprivation interferes with the hormones that signal hunger and fullness levels. Plus, when you're tired, your body demands energy and you’re more likely to cave in to sugar and comfort food cravings. An organized and consistent sleep schedule won't just make you feel better—it'll keep you focused and motivated.


            5.         Set actionable goals

Set your goals, then break them down into actionable steps.  I know you want to lose 40lbs, but if you keep thinking of that number you will be discouraged when you only lose 2 pounds in two weeks.  Set an achievable amount of weight loss for the month, write it down, and post it somewhere in your home or office where you will see it every day.  If you’re following steps 1-4, then you will surely make it there! 


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Professional Organizers Share Their Top Tips for Organizing Your Space

Professional Organizers Share Their Top Tips for Organizing Your Space

By: Randa Kriss, Serendipity Social,

For these Instagram influencers—and professional organizers—helping people stay organized is what they do…and post! We tapped them for tips on putting systems in place, staying on track and keeping your space clutter-free.

Meet Our Influencers

@neatmethod: Lisa Ruff, director of business development, Neat Method
@org_relo: Jennifer Gowler, senior project manager, Organization & Relocation
@horderlynyc: Jamie Hord, founder, Horderly Home Organizing
@ocdaz: Ashley Stewart, founder, O.C.D. (Organize. Create. Design.)
@practicallyperfectla: Joni Weiss and Kitt Fife, co-founders, Practically Perfect

“Start small and work your way up. Be sure to finish that area completely before digging into another project.” @horderlynyc

“I have a saying: S.O.S (Sort. Organize. Simplify.) Once you have like items grouped together, you will have a better visual of what you have.” @ocdaz

“Edit. Edit. Edit. Merely going through a drawer and pulling out unused items makes a big difference. Don’t put the damaged shoes back into your closet. Get them fixed or get rid of them.” @neatmethod

“Staying organized does require some effort. A person must have the intention of placing things back where they belong once they have been used. If not, then the systems don’t work.” @practicallyperfectla

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Org & Relo is 14 Years Old!

Org & Relo is 14 Years Old!

Org & Relo is Turning 14!

Something about January and a fresh new year ahead always gets us thinking: What will this year bring? What will we conquer, what dreams will we fulfill? This month is especially exciting for us because Org & Relo is celebrating 14 years of business!

Organization & Relocation was founded by Sheryl Hadley in January 2005 after going to help a friend pack his home. Instead of packing even one box, they picked up trash and put away shoes to clear the space in order to be able to pack. Sheryl thought, “there must be a business in this.” 

The next day, Sheryl called her friend Stacey Kramer ( who does naming and branding and the result (over a glass of wine, written on a cocktail napkin... of course 😂) was the name Organization & Relocation was born. Sheryl then contacted her graphic designer friend Ryan Batch, ( who is a graphic designer and the logo was created around the coffee table at her home. Sheryl hit the town flapping her "big mouth" and three weeks later she landed her first client (thanks Cooper Schell)!

14 years later, here we are, coming off of our best year yet with clients all over the US! But we couldn't have done it alone! We have an amazing team of professional “problem solvers” aka organizers working tirelessly to transform the lives of clients all over the country! Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years. We can't wait to see what 2019 has in store!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much to every one of you for helping us to reach our BEST YEAR YET!  Your business, referrals, and support mean the world to us!

In celebration of the season a donation has been made in your honor to Direct Relief Emergency Preparedness and Response and the Humane Society of Ventura County. This gift provides hope and relief to those affected by natural disasters this year.  

Almost three-quarters of Americans probably won't like the gift they receive this holiday season, according to a survey from online retailer Rakuten. More than a third of respondents said they will regift unwanted gifts, another 27% will donate it to charity, and 14% will sell it. It's time to be the change you want to see in the world. Instead of perpetuating the same vicious cycle of non-sensical gift giving, we are helping our communities rebuild with the ultimate clutter-free gift of a donation to the charities mentioned above. We do this in honor of you. Thank you for all of your support of Org & Relo this year and from our family to yours - Happy Holidays!

Written by: Analiese Ross, AMR Digital Marketing

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Holiday Organizing - and Some Old World Memories

Holiday Organizing - and Some Old World Memories

Snow crunching underfoot, houses outlined in sparkly lights, the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting out of the kitchen--the holidays are here again!

Christmas always takes me back to warm memories of my mother’s nanny, Molly. My grandmother died in 1948 and Molly came over from Denmark to LA to look after my mom and her two siblings. She was a true mother to those kids and a grandmother to me. She loved Christmas, and every year she covered coffee tins with contact paper and filled them with her famous Danish currant cookies to give as gifts. My mouth waters just remembering their buttery texture. But what really makes me think of Molly is when I take out my Christmas boxes and carefully unpack the handmade yarn Santas she gave to my mother before she died. These Old World Danish decorations bring the holiday spirit into my home like nothing else I own.

While I was decorating and remembering Molly this past week, I started thinking about holiday organizing and how beneficial a good system is. Let’s face it: by the end of the season we all feel the temptation to simply stuff everything in boxes as quickly as possible and get them out of sight for another year. But there are other ways to do this that lessen stress, free up time, and create some welcome ease. It just takes a little planning. Next year, when the season rolls around again, I’m always glad I did it.

I thought I’d share some tips and tricks that make my holidays a breeze:

  • The Container Store sells affordable, see-through boxes in different sizes that will accommodate small items like table decorations and ornaments or larger items like wrapping paper and garlands (or to save money, you can hang on to segmented wine boxes and cardboard egg cartons to store ornaments and breakable items)

  • Label all boxes in full capital letters for easy readability (I use a label maker but you can also print them or neatly hand-write them)

  • Designate “open first” boxes to streamline your decorating

  • If it’s broken, if you hate it, or if you never use it, give it away or properly dispose of it

  • Test light strings before putting them away to make sure you’re ready to go next year

  • Wind light strings around cardboard and stack them in a bin to save you from detangling a mess next year

  • Keep a stash of “neutral gifts” already wrapped to give to guests who show up with an unexpected gift for you; olive oil, chocolate, wine or candles

  • Keep a list for next year of items you know you’ll need, or shop the after-Christmas sales to get inexpensive lights and decorations to pack away 

When it comes to anything in my home, seasonal or otherwise, my philosophy is pretty simple. I ask myself: Do I use it, do I love it, do I appreciate it? Any item I have must clear at least one of these hurdles. It seems to me that the holidays are an especially good time to ask myself these questions as I get out things I don’t see that often.

You’ll be happy to know that Molly’s Santas received my highest rating--a thumbs-up in each category. They’re staying.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Whatever Holiday You Celebrate, and, of course, Happy Organizing!

Written by: Sheryl Hadley, President & Founder

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A Complete Guide to Holiday Organizing Products

A Complete Guide to Holiday Organizing Products

1.  Wing-Lid Ornament Storage Box - (Click to Shop)
This clear Ornament Storage Box can easily store and protect up to 75 holiday ornaments. Plus, they're stackable and easy to identify!

2.  Clear Gift Wrap Box

Create a portable gift wrapping station using these clear storage containers. Each box can hold up to 28 rolls of wrapping paper. Add in some bows, ribbons, scissors, and tape and you'll be ready to take on the Holiday season! 

3.  Holiday Card Keeper

We all love receiving Holiday Cards but what do you do with them after the fact? We recommending picking 10-20 of your absolute favorite keepsakes and storing them in a mini filing system like this Holiday Card Keeper! 

4.  Wing-Lid Light Storage Boxes

Say goodbye to tangled lights! This Wing-Lid Light Storage Box comes equipped with four Light Cord Wraps that are suspended inside of the box so they hang neatly and tangle-free all year! 


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In Death Do We Inherit

In Death Do We Inherit

My Dad passed away about two months ago which I shared with you in my last blog, In Death Do We Organize.Now, it's another take on this whole experience, In Death Do We inherit!

Some of you folks, have lots to potentially inherit; money, cars, homes, stocks, etc., and that is great, for you. But, there are many of us that don't have a pile of stuff coming our way, in fact, more than many. I'm one of those who inherited a few precious items from a few precious possessions. And make no mistake, I am so grateful!

See this picture of Saint Nickolas? That's a very old doll, over 100 years old, from the Swedish side of my Mom's family. Boy, do I remember every Christmas seeing him come out of the tissue paper for a few months of holiday. When I was a child, I was scared of Saint Nick, as an adult, he still freaks me out a bit! LOL Yet he is FABULOUS! 

I remember to this day, the moment when my Father said in front of my sister, Janet, (thank goodness) that HE would be MINE. WOW, I felt then I won the lotto! And still feel so fortunate to have this amazing family treasure.

Next, you'll see a little basic cordial glass of absolutely no value. But, it's the memory of this that takes my heart away.

My Mom was a heavy smoker, (menthol, Salem Lights), and never stopped until the final last years.

However, her way of self medicating was to fill this little glass with maple syrup and as she stated,

"It will coat my throat so I won't cough as much."  Now the medical establishment may disagree with Mom here, and as a kid I used to think, really? But I still see her sipping out of this glass while doing dishes at the sink, her yellow Playtex gloved hand holding carefully not to slip.

This Holiday Season, no matter what you own, may you embrace beautiful and hilarious memories and inherit them in your heart forever. 

Happy Holidays!

Written by: JD Farley, Project Manager

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My Favorite Organizational Product for Traveling!

My Favorite Organizational Product for Traveling!

When I travel, my go to product to stay organized and spend less time rifling through my luggage is the pack-it by Eagle Creek. It can be found at The Container Store and REI and of course, Amazon.  I like this product because it is lightweight and has two zippered compartments to put your clothes into. They usually come in packs of two which are different colors. For instance, the green one I will pack tops in one compartment and pants in the other.  You can fit a surprising amount in each side.  This makes for a quick way to find what you are looking for and keeps your luggage tidy.  These are especially handy when your itinerary takes you to several cities in one trip.

Another travel tip is to keep all of your toiletries for traveling in one place at home in the bag you use to carry them.  My husband travels a great deal and generally always has a carry on.  I keep clear quart size bags with the appropriate sized toiletries stocked and ready for him to grab. Replenishing is easy once you return home because it is all in one place.

Click here to shop yours today:

 Written By: Leslie Dietrich, Project Manager

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When your pantry says BOO!

When your pantry says BOO!

It’s that time of year that many people get excited and energized to go to a haunted house.  They love the suspense of what is lurking around the corner.  I know so many who thrive off this adrenalin rush.  Are you one of them?  Or are you like me and hate being caught off guard?

If you are one of these who love it, can you say the same thing about your home?  Do you know what is lurking in the corner of that pantry?  The pantry is one of the most neglected areas in a home.  Most people I know would not be able to give me a detailed inventory of their pantry.  Or even a semi-detailed inventory of their pantry. 

Pop Quiz:  Make a list of 10 items (and quantities) of what you think is in your pantry.  (no cheating…don’t look).  After your list is complete, compare your list to the actual contents. 

How did you do?  100% - you rock!  50% - average.  25% or less – you better keep reading.

I love organizing a pantry!  Why?  Because in just a few simple steps, a huge impact can be made.  And my experience has given me the gift of implementing simple systems in a short amount of time. 

Here are the few simple steps I was referring to above.

1. Take everything out of pantry. This is where the pantry may say BOO! to you but stay brave.  It is worth it. 

2. Toss/recycle/compost all expired, almost empty items.  Donate all items that are not expired but no one in your household will ever eat or you have duplicates that will not be consumed before they expire.

3.  Wipe down all the shelves and sweep the floor if needed.

4.  Return items to pantry, that belong in the pantry.  Do not put anything back that does not belong in there!

5.  Step back and admire your efforts.   And feel free to show it off to the rest of the family. 

Halloween may be scary but your pantry shouldn’t be!



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Too much storage!!! Is there such a thing? 

Too much storage!!! Is there such a thing? 

Yes, this is a real issue.

A big selling point to any living space is how much storage there is.  The reality is that we like our stuff and need a place for our stuff.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I moved to a new home last February and was so excited about the walk-in closet.  Having all my clothes (and my husband’s) in one closet and able to see them all, feels so great. 

Not having enough storage is a very common issue but over the years I see more and more cases of too much available storage space.  You may be asking how is that not a great thing?  Here is what I have observed as a professional organizer…

Too much storage can…

  • Make it difficult to find what you are looking for as there are more options to where it could be.

  • Increases the volume of stuff you purchase since space is not an issue.  A side effect of this is you increase waste as many bulk items may expire before they get used or you forget you have them and buy more.

  • Create more clutter – excess surface space just gives you more room to create “piles” that just stare at you and make you want to run away. 

  • Cause procrastination in downsizing.  Out of sight, out of mind….until you have to move and end up doing a stressful crash downsizing session or paying movers to move things you do not need or want.

These are just a few of the negative consequences of too much storage.  I’m sure you can come up with more once you start thinking about it.  You can acquire stuff to fill your storage or create storage to fit your stuff.  I am a big supporter of the later.  There are so many creative ways to create storage space when it is needed.  And a good purging session can take so much weight off the shoulders!

So, what is your situation?  Do you have just the right amount of storage?  Are there cabinets, closets, rooms that you have no idea what you would find in there?  Do you need to get those creative juices flowing (either yours or a professional organizers) and get smarter with the little storage you have? Come up with a plan and take action today – it will be well worth it.


By Jennifer Gowler, Project Manager 

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In Death Do We Organize

In Death Do We Organize

There are times when our organizational work requires an added element of care, especially when a family member has passed. Recently, this happened to me.

My father, Peter, passed at at 90 years young, seven years after my Mom. He had a good run and died as they say, with his boots on.  My sister, Janet, still living in the house was  paralyzed on how to move forward through all of Dads stuff. Though I consider myself a professional organizer, it hit differently in my own circumstance, my own family.

But, I put my Org & Relo hat on and dug in. It was truly a moving and therapeutic experience.
We all grieve differently, however I decided that being in action was needed for my healing. I guided my sister  through each room, drawer, closet and corner of the house. We sorted, purged, categorized and put aside Dad’s gems for family members to keep and cherish. It’s so much easier with someone who knows what they are doing by your side! We got through this process together and she is so grateful. In fact, the entire family is because no one else was able either by distance or health issues. 

As a Organization and Relocation Project Manager, please allow me to be by your side not only during difficult but any huge transitional times. I and our team will help you move forward too.

Written by: JD Farley, Project Manager, Professional Organizer


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Transforming your Junk Drawer into a Junk Door

Transforming your Junk Drawer into a Junk Door

One of the ways I like to control the junk drawer dilemma is by creating a junk door. On the door of our pantry I have taken a clear over the door shoe hanger and filled the LABELED pockets with various items such as tape measures, chip clips, small tools, string, tape, flashlights, and anything else that one needs quickly to complete a task.  It is very important that the pockets are labeled otherwise it becomes a free for all when items are being put back.  Our family really likes the junk door because they never have to hunt down random items.

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The Not So EMPTY Empty Nest


One of the issues that comes up with the empty nest situation is what to do with the belongings of a child who is slightly nomadic but still needs a home base to store things. I have two at the moment and I have come up with a pretty good system to keep things orderly and accessible.

The first thing I do is wrangle them to spend at least half a day with me systematically going through their items and sorting into piles of keep, donate, and archive. I like to use The Container Store’s Deep Sweater box for clothing and larger items, and their regular Sweater Box for smaller things. Labeling with a label maker is essential to the process which makes it much easier to locate specific items. We then put the bins in a closet of their designated room, and then archival items we place in our storage room. It goes without saying that this process requires occasional editing and more purging.

We have found that this process makes it easy for them to either call me from the road and send them certain items, or when they do return they have a much easier time finding that flannel shirt they love.

Written By: Leslie Dietrich, Project Manager, Professional Organizer

The Art Of Organizing

You know how sometimes you walk into a house and it just feels good? People remark on how it has “great energy?” That simply doesn’t happen when you walk into a space that’s messy, chaotic, or overflowing with clutter. The energy is stale, and you feel off-balance the minute you open the door.  

At Organization & Relocation we spend our days increasing people’s productivity by organizing their homes and offices or relocating them--sometimes across town, sometimes across the country. We recommend movers, oversee the move (from pre-move purging to organizing the new space), make the beds, and hang the art. We make packing paper and moving boxes magically disappear. 

Throughout this the house becomes a home and the office becomes a place you look forward to spending time in. We want our clients to walk in, sit down, and feel that everything is in its place. We are committed to taking the stress out of the process and setting up organizational systems that work for them. Our motto is, “It’s all in the details,” because the art of creating a beautiful space that has only what you need and use comes down to the little things.  

However, organizing is not just about making sure everything is properly put away. It’s about creating beauty and sanctuary within a space. Even if you consider yourself among the creatively challenged, here are a few habits you can incorporate into your everyday life that will make organizing the kind of art you can master:

  • The Lifestyle Change: If you have less stuff, it naturally follows that you have less stuff to organize. Are you keeping that vase from Grandma just because it was hers even though you can’t stand it? When making a purchase, consider why you are buying it and whether you really need it. Be thoughtful.

  • The Art of Purging: Grab two trash bags, and walk around your house for 10 minutes. Label one bag “donate” and the other “trash.” Do you have piles of pens you never use because you make notes only on your phone? Do you have six spatulas but hardly ever cook? Be ruthless.

  • The Burning Questions: Ask yourself these three things when purging: Do I use it? Do I love it? Do I appreciate it? If you don’t get a resounding yes to any of them...get rid of it. Make room for things in your life that you really want. Be honest.

  • The Beauty of Colorizing: Use the same hangers, whichever style works for you, and organize clothes by genre and color from white to black along the color wheel to make each closet a work of art. Be detailed.

  • The Art of Art: Hang your art so that the center of the piece is 60” from the floor. Many people hang it too high, believing that it makes the room feel bigger. Your room will feel balanced, and the piece will show better. Be precise.

  • The Clutter-Free Home: Clear your surfaces and containerize, label, and vertically store meaningful items you absolutely must hang on to. Be selective.

I believe that organizing is a lifetime process, not a one-time event. You don’t have to devote an entire weekend to a massive project. Use ten minutes here, twenty minutes there. Do one drawer, one cabinet, one closet at a time. Try to impose order and beauty where there was none before.

As van Gogh pointed out, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” That’s the true art of organizing; focusing on the details so the masterpiece can be revealed. 

Happy Organizing!

The Older You Get, The Less Stuff You Need


I cannot seem to remember exactly where I heard this, but I recently read an article that made me think about the elderly and how much “stuff” they hold onto and why they should let most of it go. In order to achieve this necessary step in downsizing, you will need to identify what items bring you happiness and in order to achieve this, you will first need to define what makes you happy.

One thing I read was that when elderly people begin downsizing their belongings, they should not only hire a professional organizer to help facilitate this transition, but they should also keep a memory box/container of items that is known as their “throw out” box. As sad as it sounds, we all are going to eventually pass away and when that time comes, we don’t want our families to have to go through all of our belongings while trying to mourn their loss, so why not make it easier for them to enjoy the happy memories? This idea of the “throw out” box is as simple as it sounds - make a box dedicated to items/memories that only you, yourself, hold onto because of personal feelings or reasons you never shared with anyone else, that way when you are no longer with us, that will be the one box that your family knows won’t hurt your feelings if they just threw it out!

Also, another good tip would be to create bins for each person whom you want your belongings to live with :)

Whether your next phase in life is downsizing into a smaller home, moving into assisted living, or passing away - you shouldn’t have to worry about all of your “stuff” weighing you down!

Written by: Lindsay Gomez, Professional Organizer