Don't take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say about us. 


"The Org & Relo team was careful, meticulous, on time and on budget. They managed our client's entire moving process with care and skill, overseeing the unpacking, directing the movers and furniture placement, organizing the kitchen, bed, bath and more. It’s always a pleasure to work with them and I happily recommend their work."

Harvey Hine
HMH Architecture

"Organization & Relocation has become a partner to Goodacre & Co by minimizing the client's stresses that come with this task. Being a realtor for many years, I have realized that my job does not stop with signing on the dotted line. My clients need assistance in all aspects of purchasing a new home, which includes the tedious task of MOVING.

 The Org & Relo team assess their needs, coordinate all logistics and give peace of mind. I have been so impressed by her professionalism and her art of making overwhelming jobs seem painless, that I have become a client of Organization and Relocation myself!"

Tim Goodacre
Goodacre & Co Real Estate

"Org & Relo was instrumental to the success of our move. With the help of their leadership and execution, we were able to move into our new facility ahead of schedule and on budget. Org & Relo took the lead on finding, negotiating arrangements and managing key suppliers required to facilitate our move. In our case, our production remained on time to our customers and I was able to spend most of my time managing my business. I would recommend Org & Relo to any company interested in relocating their business."

Karl W. Kunz, CFO
FreeWave Technologies

"I am so happy with Organization & Relocation’s work.  The Org & relo team was professional, patient, respectful, likable, easy to work with and effective.  For years now, I have had such a hard time finding the time and energy to do what they accomplished in just 2 days.  It’s been virtually impossible for me to get rid of things that I haven’t used in years and were just cluttering my life, but with their help, reassurance and hard work, the process was made so much easier and less painful and the results are amazing.  I highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use their services again in the future!"

M Davis

"We recently hired Organization & Relocation for our home move and it was the best money we spent. I was 9 months pregnant and the move was one week before Christmas. Their team unpacked us and got our most critical rooms set up and organized. One week later I was able to host Christmas dinner and ended up having our baby 2.5 weeks early; the day after Christmas. Because we had Org & Relo's help, our Christmas was lovely, relaxing and fairly stress-free. I always thought hiring un-packers and organizers was a luxury and now I know how absolutely critical it was that they got us established in our new home. Thank you! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone! Now we just need to come up with other projects for you to organize!"

Heather Dwight

“Organization and Relocation made my move to Denver bearable. I was combining two houses on the east coast, moving to a smaller house in Denver, and had no idea how to organize everything efficiently. Org & Relo magically “created” more kitchen cabinet space and more storage than I believed the house ever had! It’s amazing how their sense of layout and organization really can make your limited space go a very long way. I had Org & Relo come back after 18 months in my new house for a “touch up,” and plan to do that periodically going forward. I would never attempt to do this on my own again. They leverage my valuable time and my (very limited) organizing expertise exponentially! I highly recommend Org & Relo to everyone.”

Tricia L. Noble

"I can't say enough about how wonderful Organization & Relocation is to work with. We recently moved our business location with their help. After it was over, I thought, "Wow, we must not have that much stuff; this was so painless." Then I realized it wasn't that we did not have much stuff, it was painless because Org & Relo was so completely on top of everything covering all the basis and left nothing to chance. Trust me, you can just let it all go and let them take control. Also, the Org & Relo team is a delight to work with!  They are wonderful professionals."

Vision Ridge Partners

"Org & Relo took a lot of the pressure off our employees that would otherwise be created from planning, moving, AND trying to operate our business. We recommend them!"

Dan Matsch

"The Org & relo team helped make our move as painless as possible.  Moving isn’t fun but they worked hard to take things off our plate and to get us settled in to our new space.  I recommend using Org & Relo to help streamline any office move."

Stirling Olson

"Our family had lived in our house for over 13 years when we decided it was time to sell. Our children had lived their entire lives there so we had lots of outgrown and unused items. I was overwhelmed by the thought of trying to get our house ready to be put on the market. After calling the Organization & Relocation team, I realized it was manageable. The Org & Relo team spent 4 days completely organizing rooms, drawers, cabinets, closets, storage areas and then helped to stage various rooms. The best part is that they arranged for the removal and drop off of all of the trash, donations, consignment, and recycling so that the house was ready to show when they left. The realtor was amazed by what we accomplished in a week! I highly recommend their services."


"It's been a year since Organization & Relocation unpacked and organized my home after relocating to Denver. I had them come back to refresh and fine tune the organization from our move in. It takes a while to know how you function in your home. WOW is all I've got to say. I didn't think it possible, but they took me to the next level of organization. I couldn't be happier. I also can't believe how much stuff we purged. I'm going to have them back once a year for a fine tune and for a professional evaluation of the stuff I think I need to hold on to. I told my husband I want this for Mother's Day every year!!!!!"

Linda Stacey

What a great experience. They helped to get our things packed & put in a storage unit for staging our home to sell. Then they came back & packed up the remaining items when it was time to move. They coordinated everything with the moving companies, supervised the packing/unpacking, organized our new home to perfection & worked diligently the entire time they were here. By day 3, our new home looked like we had lived here for months, without a moving box in sight. The whole team was professional & trustworthy. I highly recommend.

Britt Drake

Excellent job. The Org & Relo team were respectful, organized, and efficient. They really helped on a complicated move. I highly recommend them.

Jacqueline McAllister

The team at Organization and Relocation were miracle workers. They eliminated all my unwanted clutter, sorted it to sell or donate and kept my desire to recycle and re-use top-of-mind. Once my “stuff” had been down-sized then they were masters at organizing in clever and efficient ways. They focused on the areas I was the most stressed like the kitchen, the master bath and closet and worked their magic beautifully. They de-cluttered, down-sized my unnecessary stuff, organized, labeled and put it all back together again in a happy, bright way. They helped both on move out and move-in. I have to say it was the best money I ever spent on a move (and I have moved a lot over many years!) because this move was less stressful and more peaceful plus I had a put together house in much less time. So worth it!! I would use them again in a heartbeat and recommend them highly.

Debbie Carosella

I've hired the Organization & Relocation team about half a dozen times since moving into my new home two years ago. A team of two usually arrive in the morning, they assess the project and then quickly get to work turning mess into beautiful order by the end of the day. Their service can be addicting. Once you see how good a room/closet/drawer can look - you want them all to look as good!

Natalie Wilkison

I have used O&R for three years. They move me in, organize everything, pack me up, move me out organize everything. On and On. They are GREAT to work with, knowledgeable and honest! I won't move without them!!

Marty Telfer

Moving to a new home is one of life’s most stressful events but not when you hire Organization & Relocation. I’ve relocated many times for my career and it can be absolutely overwhelming. Hiring and Sheryl and her dynamic team to manage my last two moves was liberating. By managing all aspects of my relocation, they allowed me to focus on getting settled into my new community and quickly onboard into my new position. They also saved me countless hours and dollars by selecting the right businesses to work with at the right price from movers to handyman to painters to home entertainment. Their service is worth every penny and will transform your move from a stressful event to a new adventure.

K Warren

Before Organization and Relocation, my closet was an unworkable mess. After Sheryl's expert services, I actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning. Our time together was easy and fun--Sheryl has a knack for editing a wardrobe down to truly useful items. I was able to sell or give away all the pieces that I don't need, so now I have space to store other items from my house (and $ to buy what's missing.) This all inspires me to maintain Org & Relo set up going forward. I recommend highly.

Miriam Weidner
London, England

Organization & Relocation came into our lives at a time of transition. What was most impressive about Org & Relo was their support to me and my family, specifically how the "organizational team" worked directly with my daughters (8 & 12 yrs. old). I recommend Sheryl and her team of professionals to anyone in a life transition scenario or in general need of organization or moving services for their home or office.

Karen Seaton

"Organization & Relocation
Makes moving almost a vacation!!

The Org & Relo team packed me up
Not forgetting even a cup.

Movers, U Haul and all the crew
On the road - I was feeling blue.
We arrived at my new home
And that crew did not roam
Until my paintings were hung, clothes put away
This was making my day!

My kitchen and bathroom just so neat,
I decided it was time for some meat!
A celebration dinner
We were not thinner!!!!

So the moral of this story is:
OH!!! That Ms!!!
Thank you to my daughter and her great crew
What would I have done without you????"

Cissy Hadley, 2016
With love and gratitude, a happy Mom