Meet Amy - Project Coordinator & Organizing Guru

Organization & Relocation - Amy Young

Whats a hidden talent you have? 
For real, I have cat-like reflexes.  I rarely drop things.  
What do you love most about organizing?  When I am completely organized I am efficient with my time, productive and calm.  

Whats your favorite organizing product? 
My laptop - I live on it.  I use my calendars, notes and reminders to keep me organized. 

One place you've always wanted to visit? 
I have a fascination with the landscape and culture of Iceland.  

When you're not organizing, you can be found…? 
In African dance class, on a hiking trail or at a bluegrass show with friends. 

In your home, you will find…? 
Key components of my happy home: interesting art, standing desk (no option to sit) and the most comfortable bed in the world :)

Written by: Analiese Ross, Social Media Manager, AMR Digital Marketing