Behind the Scenes with Org & Relo - Meet Fadra Perrin

My dad was a pilot in the Air Force, and as a kid I went to a different school every year until high school. I guess the travel bug bit me pretty young, since I still travel as much and as often as I can! Sometimes it was challenging to forever be the new kid, so my strategy was to just settle into the world of books every place we went. When I think back to some of my younger years I don’t remember much except where the library was located in whatever town we were in. I lived all over the place and even twice in Okinawa; once when I was five and then again when I first got married.

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As a kid I was an aspiring ballerina and then a passionate ice skater--the year we spent in Montana my sister and I practically lived in our skates at the neighborhood pond all winter long. We settled in Louisiana when my dad became the governor’s pilot (when he wasn’t flying the governor he worked with a probation officer and flew prisoners around--my mom wasn’t too thrilled about that gig.) Mom taught music at the high school I went to and I took her class one year; that felt pretty strange to see her in that role. In high school I was a cheerleader and a basketball player and also liked to ski as often as I could.

I went to Louisiana State University where I majored in history and minored in art history. After college I became a stewardess (back then nobody would have known what I was talking about if I said “flight attendant”) and then got married.

In 1980 I relocated to California and have never looked back. I had an aunt who lived out here and we used to visit our cousins in the summer. I loved everything about it and still do--climate, lifestyle, surroundings. My career has been pretty centered around travel--I became a travel agent, worked for a few different airlines, did some travel writing, and did marketing for a Hawaii tour company.

The travel business took a nose dive after 9-11 so I tried retiring instead of being unemployed, but that didn’t really work out. I was terrible at it! Even though I had never worked retail before, I landed a couple of jobs in stores. One at Annieglass, which sells amazing handmade glassware, and another at Patine, which carries vintage textiles and antiques from Hungary; things like old butcher tables, zinc bathtubs, wine jugs, clip-on earrings. Both places have incredible stuff, and I love being surrounded by so much art, history, and beauty.

I started working with Sheryl at Organization & Relocation a while back on projects in the Bay Area. I’m a pretty organized person; organization was key during my years in the travel business before computers because you had to get an itinerary together with the paper tickets, hotels confirmed, all that stuff. I love going into these beautiful homes we work in and helping the clients set up their systems. I like procedures and like that things get done a certain way. Sheryl always has the vision, and it’s fun to execute that. Invariably I come home after a day on the job at Org&Relo and re-do something in my own house! One of the perks of the job, I guess.

I love hiking, cooking, reading, skiing (I joined the ski race team at Tahoe when I was 47), and gardening, although with recent drought that’s been more challenging. We capture our warm-up water in milk bottles and transfer it to watering cans. My four varieties of heirloom tomatoes are being dry farmed and are fantastic. But with all those other interests, travel is still my biggest passion, My husband and I love to travel and to eat, so our travel schedule always involves doing something active and then eating ourselves silly. I call it “gluttony without guilt.” We’ve biked in Europe, hiked the Amalfi Coast, done many diving, snorkeling, and skiing trips. Our next adventure is on a ship up the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.

Eat, drink, and travel--you can’t go wrong!

Thanks for reading,