“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)...”

{with thanks to Annie Lennox}

Our bedrooms are our havens, where we kick off and wrap up every day, and they should be a place where we can relax and recharge. For me, as soon as I enter a space that’s cluttered or messy, I feel off balance and unsettled. I try to keep my bedroom as organized as possible so that, after a long day of relocating a client or organizing an office, I can be assured I’ll enter a space that’s welcoming, peaceful, and clutter-free.

You should probably know that I am a champion of feng shui, the Chinese system of organization that harmonizes us with our environments. Perhaps the room in a house that benefits most from that nourishing energy is the bedroom. A good sleep in a “happy” room is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

Bedroom 1

Here are some tips on how I keep my bedroom organized that really make it feel cozy and serene--just the way I like it!

  • I make my bed every day. This means that the day begins and ends with a sense of order. The sight of my made bed just waiting for me at the end of a challenging day also inspires me to create order in other areas of the room.
  • I consciously don’t amass much on my night table, but I still de-clutter it at least once a week. I figure the critical items are a clock, a lamp, some Chapstick, and my current book. Any other stuff that creeps up on me gets relocated to its proper place on a regular basis.
  • When I’m ready to paint, I choose a calm, soothing color for the bedroom walls. Anything dark, “loud,” or otherwise overpowering can unsettle the vibe.
  • If you are really jammed for space, under the bed storage in bins or baskets is a reasonable solution. (Technically, it’s bad feng shui to store under the bed because it prevents movement of energy, but I understand that, sometimes, we have to do what we have to do.) If you’re short a linen closet this is a good choice for sheets and towels or off-season clothes.
  • I use a bookshelf for books, framed pictures, and minimal decorative items. I don’t want to overpower my space with a lot of clutter, but it’s nice to feel that it is representative of who I am. However, I’m a firm believer in keeping a desk out of the bedroom. It’s one thing to have books, but you don’t want to mix your work space with your relaxing space if you can avoid it.
  • I keep pathways--around the bed, to the closet, to the dresser--as wide and clear as possible. You can do this even in a small room if you’re conscious about how you configure the furniture.
  • I use a covered laundry basket in the corner of my room so that piles of dirty clothes on the floor are never an issue.
Bedroom 2

I could offer lots of feng shui tips, but probably the most important thing to pay attention to is the general “flow” of your bedroom and how the way you’ve organized and arranged it translates to you. Does just walking in there make you feel good? Does the whole room whisper “sanctuary?” That’s what you’re going for--and that’s what you deserve.

As far as I’m concerned, sweet dreams are definitely made of this.

Happy Organizing!